Your app requires additional review time!!!

I want to share with you iOS developers what happened to one of my apps.
Yesterday I've received an email from apple reviewers saying that may app needs more time to be reviewed. The following is the message I've received:

We are currently reviewing an app that you submitted for inclusion on the App Store, and want to let you know that the review process will require additional time. We apologize for the delay and will provide you with an update on the status of your app as soon as possible.

Application Name: Game Of Languages
Application Version Number: 1.0
Application SKU: ****
Application Apple ID:*******

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this notice please contact us at .


App Review

I tried googling this message and found bad news. Almost everybody was talking about their app rejection. Somebody said that this message means that apple don't want to approve your app but they don't have a reason to reject the app!!! Others said their apps were in review state for 1 year and still not news from apple!!!

I've read a lot of negative things that I forgot about my app and said " OK, let me think of the new app since this one will not be approved "

In few hours I received an email about my app being approved and processed for the app store !! then released !!

So my experience with this type of messages was positive and actually my app was approved in few hours after receiving this message.

Don't be afraid if you've received a message like that.

If you have received a message like that please leave a comment to share your experience with other developers.


  1. Hi,

    In my account, All my app i submit have this email. i waiting 5weeks but all are "In Review".

    I don't understand the Apple.

    very bad.

  2. Thanks for your Blog! literally got that email this morning and found the same negativity online.

    Hope it's the same story as yours!


    1. So what happened to your app Joshua? just got the same email... =/


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